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ver. 4.0.2 (2014-03-19)

 - changed: XFile is now thread-safe.

 - improved: XFile.Write() method.

 - improved: caching of XFile.Length performance.

 - bug fixed: XFile.Read() throws exception when trying to read beyond the end of the file.

 - bug fixed: XFile.Read() in some cases does not initialize the input buffer array.

 - bug fixed: one of the CompareOption constructor ignores the sortOrder parameter.

 - renamed: IStorageEngine.OpenXTable(string name, DataType keyDataType, DataType recordDataType) to OpenXTablePortable

 - renamed: class XTable : ITable<IData, IData> to class XTablePortable : ITable<IData, IData>

 - renamed: IHeap.ObtainHandle() to ObtainNewHandle()

 - added: IHeap.DataSize property

 - added: IStorageEngine.Heap property

 - removed: IStorageEngine.DatabaseSize property

 - removed: bool useCompression and AllocationStrategy strategy parameters from STSdb factory methods

 - removed: the following members are removed from the IHeap interface:

    * GetUsedSpace() method

    * GetLatest() method

    * UseCompression property

    * CurrentVersion property

 - documentation: Developer's guide is strongly updated (all main concepts finally explained).

 - new: RemoteHeap and HeapServer now available (experimental).

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