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Version 4.0 is creativity and tradition, accumulated experience and accomplished innovation. The main priority of STSdb 4.0 was the introduction of WaterfallTreeTM. This version was also an actual testing of the technology. In addition, the above conditioned its realization more like a key/value core, rather than a vigorous completed database system.

The future development of STSdb will include:

  • ACID transactions;
  • Snapshots;
  • Hot schema changes;
  • Conceptual and ideological WaterfallTree improvements;
  • Additional IData model improvements;
  • Additional speed and size improvements;
  • Even more structuring and clearing – layering of the class hierarchies, improvements of functionality, refinements of modularity, preparation for scalability.

Our idea is to develop the product STSdb from the bottom up. From a small and fast key/value innovative embedded database, it will reach to a level of innovative autonomous systems. The project itself over time will become a summary name of innovative solutions, constructed in a such way, so they can be used as together (in STSdb as a product), as well as separately like individual technologies (in completely different projects). The developers will be realizing the internal base relations and will be able to replace, predefine, preconfigure practically the entire system called STSdb. The database will be as externally scalable, as well as internally replaceable in its eco-system.

STSdb will become ultra-fast functional scalable transactional database core, which the customers can easy use in the systems, designed by them. They will be able to multiplicate and deploy it in various by scale and topology systems - from small databases to large infrastructures. STSdb will be at the same time a component, and a complete ready for use database. This is our mission.

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