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STSdb 4.0 is a NoSQL key-value store open-source database. The entire database is written in pure managed .NET language without using unsafe code. The STSdb 4.0 engine is based on WaterfallTreeTM technology. WaterfallTree provides blazing performance in real-time indexing of both sequential and random keys.

At the present moment STSdb 4.0 is a universal key/value store with the following base characteristics:

  • Ultra-fast embedded .NET database
  • WaterfallTree™ storage engine
  • Real-time indexing of random and monotonous keys
  • Real-time support of multiple tables
  • Wide set of of natively supported .NET types
  • Support of complex keys and records
  • IData technology for direct work with user types without performance penalty
  • Parallel vertical compressions
  • Ability to work with provided user logic (custom comparers, custom persist etc.)
  • Modular architecture, replaceable layers
  • Base client/server functionality
  • 100% managed code
  • Intuitive use

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